kb copper collars

Our Copper Collars may help your fur kids, with Arthritic Pain, Body Odour, Skin Conditions, Coat Condition and more!  Please if you have any questions contact us.

Our Story


We are a small family business in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria and would love to share our story and reasons behind these amazing copper collars.

Hi, my name is Katherine.  I am the owner and designer of KB Copper Collars and this is my family.

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How did KB COllars EVOLVE?

Hi, I am Katherine, owner and designer of KB Copper Collars.

KB Collars started at the kitchen table having breakfast, watching our 16 year old Springer Spaniel Princess as she was struggling to get up out of her bed.  Stiff legged she was having trouble going up and down the stairs, and for her to go for a long walk was impossible.  She had strong body odour and at the time she was allergic to grasses and her coat was course and dull.  At this stage we talked to her saying "Back to the vet for you, my oldest friend!"  as I was playing with my Copper Bracelet.   A voice in my head to me, if the copper works for my arthritis it may work for my dog!  Immediately I jumped up and took off her collar and wrapped a a pure copper wire around it, and placed it back on her.  Within a week she was getting up so much easier and to much of my surprise her body odour was completely gone.  Her skin condition had also improved and her coat was soft and becoming healthier.

With these results on Princess, I began an 8 month trial with fantastic results.  This is a simple solution and totally affordable!

Copper is a natural sanitiser and helps reduce inflammation.  It has been used for hundreds of years.  Our Copper Collars may help your four legged family member.  

Thank you for reading our story.