Sue Carter

I bought my dog Koebi a copper collar a few months ago. I can’t recommend them enough. He had an injury to his back leg. He wouldn’t come up any of the stairs, which we have a lot of. Now he is running up them. Also some lumps on his back have disappeared. Can’t thank Katherine enough.

Wanita Mikaere

I was very skeptical at first as I have tried a lot of things for my boy who has grass allergies. He has been wearing the copper collar for 1 1/2weeks & the results have been amazing!! He stopped chewing/licking his paws & scratching his ears which also stopped being red. Highly recommend the copper collar & thank you so much Katherine for brining out an awesome affordable product for our fur babies

Heather Diamond

I have 2 pups, both are wearing the copper collars. At first I wasn’t sure I could tell a difference until my kids took the collar off my Great Dane. He suffers my valley fever ( regional immune disorder in Arizona). Once the collar was off I could tell he was having a hard time moving around. The collars really help both my dogs with mobility.

Michelle Collins

My grandpuppy Thor has suffered with chewing his paws all his life…. his paws would be red raw & there were wet patches all over the furniture.
Well i told my son about these Copper collars & he bought Thor 1 – with the most amazing results!
I had him stay 4 a few days last week, & not once did he lick his paws!…. & no coming home 2 wet patches on the lounge.
Thor is 8 & it’s the 1st time in his life that he hasn’t licked & chewed on his paws. I’m sooooo glad my friend Wanita told me about these collars.
I also bought my boy Opie a collar, his results haven’t been quite as drastic as Thor’s, but there is a definite improvement. I would definitely recommend trying 1 if you had a furkid with allergies.

Lee-anne Jeal

I really want to share the success we are having with the copper collars and our Dane x’s. Nixi had terrible eczema……And I tried everything to give her some relief. The difference in her skin after wearing them for about 2 months is quite remarkable. And as for Mia, you wouldn’t even know she suffers with hip dysplasia and arthritis. She plays ball constantly and is so much happier. So thank you!!

Jayde Nelson

Couldn’t recommend these collars enough!
The highest quality Copper collars I’ve ever came across!
They’ve helped my boy with his skin issues sooooooo much!
If you’ve been thinking of getting one or question if they work or not this is proof that they do and you need to order one right now 🥰
Thank you KB copper collars, you don’t know how much you’ve helped my baby.