KB Copper Collars Joined the Fight to Save Australia’s Wildlife

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KB Copper Collars & Australian Wild Life Society

KB Copper Collars is not just a Australian Business that sells collars we also support one of the largest Australian Wild Life Society saving the Environment all around Australia. Each sale helps to take one step closer to stop the complete devastation of the Native fauna and Natural forest.  I would like to share an email from the Wilderness Society sent to me please take the time read.

Hi Katherine,

Lovely to chat with you just now.  Thanks so much for being such an incredible supporter of the Wilderness Society.  Ten years!  What a celebration!  SO many wins you have helped us achieve in this time.


Also, here’s a blurb for you:


“The Wilderness Society is one of Australia’s largest environmental advocacy groups.  We give voice to the voiceless, the plants and animals, the forests & the oceans, who’s continued thriving is so crucial to our own wellbeing.  We’ve been standing together since the 70’s, utilising the power of people to advocate for real change. And we’re good at it. With innovative ideas, and multi-pronged approaches (policy, legislation, corporate responsibility, social licenses & community action) we’ve kicked multi-billion-dollar oil and gas companies out of marine sanctuaries.  We’ve protected millions of hectares of native forests and fragile ecosystems.  We’re wholly independent, and membership with us is relational, not transactional.  Because we’re a charity that doesn’t ask for ‘help,’ we ask “who’s willing to stand up for justice?”  Will you?”


Thanks for standing so staunchly with us, Katherine!


Yours For Nature,

Pauline Pearse


I acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the people of the Kulin Nation and that sovereignty was never ceded.  I pay respect to Country, and to Elders past, present, and emerging.

The history of using copper for its healing properties dates to prehistoric times. By the year 3,900 B.C., copper was found in items produced by the Egyptians and Sumerians. During this era, copper was commonly used to make household items, such as cooking pots. It helped to pave the way to modern civilization.

Research shows that copper jewellery has been used as an ancient remedy to reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. The theory is based on the idea that the skin absorbs tiny particles of copper, helping regrow lost joint cartilage.

Additional health benefits of wearing copper jewellery include:

  • Healthier immune system
  • Revitalisation of the heart
  • Maintenance of blood pressure
  • Improvement of cardiovascular health strengthening of bones
  • Promotion of mineral absorption
  • Improvement of skin health
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Healing of stomach related issues
  • Presentation of throat diseases
  • Strengthening of nails
  • Anti-aging

Plus, there are spiritual and astrological benefits of wearing copper:

  • Healing impact
  • Control of sense
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Spiritual awakening via protection of mind and soul
  • Builds a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm
  • Balancer of emotions


The most common copper jewellery comes in form of bracelets, rings, anklets, cuffs and pendants.

When wearing a copper item, tiny amounts of copper rub off the piece and onto the skin, which absorbs it into the body. When copper minerals are absorbed through sweat, they enter the bloodstream directly, without going to the liver.

It is claimed that copper helps regrow joint cartilage that has been lost because of arthritis, which helps cure the ailment and relieves pain.

KB Copper Collars’ Australian handmade copper anklet, for example, is of stunning design which can be worn on any occasion, giving copper a style never seen befor

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