Pet Copper Collars That Soothe

Pet Copper Collars that Soothe
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If you know anyone that suffers with arthritis or joint problems, you may have spotted them wearing a copper bracelet or another piece of copper jewelry, that helps in easing the pain and stiffness associated with their condition.

We all need copper in our lives and copper is an essential mineral in our bodies. So, do our pets, however, they cannot store enough copper in their system.

Wearing copper collar helps allow small amounts of copper into the body, to relieve sore joints and circulation issues and so KB Copper Collars has created an amazing piece of jewelry (coated in Rose Gold) pets can wear for medicinal purposes.

The benefits of these copper collars are:

  1. Arthritis Relief
  2. Stress and Anxiety
  3. Allergies
  4. Tear Stains
  5. Pet Odour
  6. Licking Paws
  7. Skin Conditions
Have your doubts and need some clarifying? Let us explain:

Copper pet products like collars or bracelets are also sometimes referred to as magnetic copper collars/bracelets, but this is a misnomer, as copper is not magnetic!

Alternatives to the copper collar that are designed to specifically ease arthritis and joint pain are available in magnetic collar form. Magnetic bracelets or collars are designed to improve the circulation and blood flow around the body, ensuring the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the joints and organs.

The explanation behind the way in which copper dog collars are supposed to work to ease joint pain is that minute quantities of the copper itself are absorbed by the skin, which can help to boost the level of copper in the body and so, ease stiffness, joint pain and arthritis.

To further reinforce this conclusion, it is worth noting that as dogs are furry, their collars are not in direct contact with their bare skin either, and so copper would not be absorbed by the skin in the same way that it might be by people.

Like the copper collar, there is no harm in trying out a magnetic collar on your own dog if you want to, and if you are determined to have a go with one or the other, the best that can be said for such devices is that the copper collar is universally deemed to be ineffective in scientific terms, whilst the magnetic collar may have some effect.

Inflammatory conditions in dogs can be extremely debilitating and limit the enjoyment they get out of life. A magnetic dog collar works by reducing inflammation and restoring circulation to the affected area, promoting the regeneration of cells and easing the pain caused by inflammatory conditions.

At dog collars Australia, you can visit our website, have your own custom dog collars and learn more about alternatives of wearing your pet a copper dog collars.

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