Dog Copper Collar 22mm Choker Chain Large 60- 70cm

$120.00 inc GST

For the large sized fur baby:

  • Range is from 60cm to 70cm x 22mm thick choker chain
  • 95% Pure Copper
  • 3-kg Breaking Point on the Clasp


Dog Copper Collar 22mm Choker Chain

This collar is Australian Made with 95% pure copper and using it may help your dog or any four-legged family member. Copper Collar has had great success with the following health conditions:

  • Arthritis Pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Coat Conditions
  • Pet Odour
  • General wellbeing

Combining the traditional application of copper therapy to the body, dogs have been known to feel less lame, stiff & listless. They have become more agile, active and have more flexibility. Like copper therapy on people, users of copper collars have found excellent results with the dogs mobility, especially for older, less active dogs and the ones who suffer after injury.

The 22mm Choker Chain available size ranges from 60-70cm. The collar is not a lead collar and has a 3-kg breaking point on the clasp for the safety of your dog.