KB Copper Filigree Stretch Bracelet 7″ to 10″ 10mm Chain

$35.00 inc GST

Non- Tarnish collars 0f  99.5% pure copper a natural sanitizer that may  help reduce inflammation of Arthritic Pain and General Wellbeing.


99.5% pure copper and 0.5%  metal with a beautiful rose gold plated finish, this quick easy slip on bracelet is ideal for the elderly, disable, ladies, gents and children. Can be worn in water easy cleaned.

Copper is widely recognized Homeopathic Relief!

Wearing a copper bracelet or necklace may be beneficial to people suffering inflammatory afflictions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Copper deficiencies are common in humans, many not reaching their daily recommended intake. Dietary copper is not as readily absorbed as copper gaining access to the bloodstream through the wearing of a copper necklace or bracelet.

We have received countless letters describing how much people have recovered well enough to return to an active and happy life. Our products provide clear evidence of the success in using this wonderful old remedy, so please try it for yourself, or if you know a friend who is struggling from stiffness, then they make great present.