Michelle Collins


My grandpuppy Thor has suffered with chewing his paws all his life…. his paws would be red raw & there were wet patches all over the furniture.
Well i told my son about these Copper collars & he bought Thor 1 – with the most amazing results!
I had him stay 4 a few days last week, & not once did he lick his paws!…. & no coming home 2 wet patches on the lounge.
Thor is 8 & it’s the 1st time in his life that he hasn’t licked & chewed on his paws. I’m sooooo glad my friend Wanita told me about these collars.
I also bought my boy Opie a collar, his results haven’t been quite as drastic as Thor’s, but there is a definite improvement. I would definitely recommend trying 1 if you had a furkid with allergies.