Bundy’s Story

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Bundy’s results,  apart from looking handsome wearing our collar…  read below for a great review of our collars.
Hi Katherine,
We have had the new collars on for three weeks now. This is my assessment of each😊
The leather one is chunky and not as flexible. The copper part does stay against the dog’s skin though, which is great (for a big animal). I wouldn’t recommend this collar for an animal less than 30kgs for two reasons. Firstly, it is reasonably heavy and needs a sturdy animal to support it. Secondly, as it is not as flexible, an animal with a smaller neck would possibly have less of the copper next to their skin as the collar may stick out a bit away from the skin.
The nylon one is more flexible and sits flush against the skin. It is also a bit lighter. I feel this one would be good for any size animal from about 10kgs. Less than that and the collar may be too wide.
Both are noisy with the name disc attached. You can certainly hear the dogs coming!
I feel that Bundy, who has arthritis, is a little more perky and happy since having the collar on. He has worn his non-stop since we bought the originals in June last year.
Sienna seems happier too. She has suffered with corns for some time now. The corns come and go, which is probably unusual. I don’t know if the collar has made any difference to them. She does seem to be less troubled with her arthritis though, which is great.
Neither of the dogs are annoyed by the collars in that they don’t scratch at them or anything like that, so they must be comfortable. Rescued Greyhounds are the sookiest dogs ever, so if the collars were annoying them at all, they would let us know!
We are very happy with the results for our dogs.
Cheers, Kellie
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