Outdoor Pet Harnesses Give Your Pet Freedom and Security

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If you’ve got a particularly energetic puppy or a feline that’s keen to explore, a pet harness can be a great way to allow them to interact with their environment. While traditional collars are suitable in many cases, a harness is a great option for animals that are prone to over-excitement and highly energetic. Securing their entire body, a harness takes the strain off just one area and eliminates the possibility of your pet getting worked up and accidentally injuring themselves on their own collar.

When Are Harnesses Suitable For Dogs?

Harnesses provide a level of support not attainable with a traditional leash and collar. They’re a suitable option for younger pups that haven’t quite found their feet yet but are still eager to move around. Using a harness allows your dog to be comfortable yet restrained as you introduce them to their new surroundings.

If your dog regularly gets tangled up in their lead, you’ll understand just how essential a harness can be. Structured in a way that gives you control and stability while you walk around, a harness is an easy way to control your animal without harming them. Your canine companion might also be suffering from chronic conditions like back pain or tracheal (throat) issues. A harness can alleviate the stress on your dog’s neck and back, allowing them to move around freely and safely.

When shouldn’t I Use A Harness?

A harness should always be fitted correctly to your dog. Too tight and they can be uncomfortable or painful, too loose and your dog can slip out – risking injury or escape. KB Copper Collars provide dog harnesses in a range of sizes (S – XL) to make sure you’ve got the right fit. Ultimately, you know your pet better than anyone else. If the harness is fitted correctly and they still seem not to be enjoying it after a few tries, they may just be more suited to collar and lead.

Harnesses For Cats


Harnesses for cats

Much more temperamental than dogs, cats can be quite difficult to persuade into a fitted harness. As more and more cat owners around Australia take the up challenge, we’re finding out just how beneficial cat harnesses can be.

Often cooped up in houses and apartments all day, the modern cat lives a very sheltered life. Regularly walking them with the aid of a harness allows your feline friend to fully explore their local environment. Enriching their lives with new stimulating sights, scents and sounds.

If your cat is prone to nighttime zoomies, walking them in the afternoon or during the day can also be a good outlet for their excess energy. Preventing them from turning your living room into a racetrack at 1am!

Using An Outdoor Harness With Copper Collars

KB Copper Collars firmly believe in the healing properties of natural copper. We offer a range of copper products for dogs, cats, horses and humans! If you require the use of an outdoor harness, why not combine it with a copper collar or lead. You’ll be able to know that your beloved furry partner is safe and secure in a high quality harness as well as receiving the benefits of copper – which can include helping with arthritis, stiff joints and other chronic conditions.

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